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Senior Master Men, paddling in a Marathon

The Cairns Beaches Outrigger Club, (CBOC), is a non-profit club, promoting the sport of outrigging and team work in the Cairns community.

Outrigging is a great sport for overall fitness, fun, team work, and meeting new friends.

About Outrigging...

Here is some brief background information about outrigging:

Outrigging originated in Micronesia and Polynesia - and is one of the oldest water sports in the world. What commenced as a mode of transport between islands has become a team sport of fitness and endurance.

There are two official outrigger canoe racing zones in Queensland: NQ Zone and SQ Zone, which have a grand prix regatta circuit. These regattas are held under the conditions and rules laid down by the sports national governing body, Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing Association (AOCRA).

Regattas during the year include:
    Grand Prix Regattas for OC6, OC1's and OC2's - divisions include Opens (paddler of any age), Masters (Women and Men 40yrs +), Senior Masters (Women and Men 50yrs +), Golden Masters (Women and men 60 yrs +) and there is a Mixed Open Division as well as events for Juniors
    The major outrigging events outside the AOCRA circuit are the Hamilton Island Cup and Gold Coast Cup

    How to find us?

    CBOC utilises the facilities of the Cairns Yacht Club at Ellis Beach, and the Cairns Yacht Club at the Northern end of the Pier Marina, (near the Salt House) in Cairns City.

    Map showing Ellis Beach club

    Picture of the CBOC Ellis Beach club

    Map showing Cairns Yacht Club location

    Picture of the Cairns Yacht Club facility

    Picture of the CBOC canoe Racks at the Cairns Yacht Club facility

    The CBOC OC6 Canoe Racks at the Cairns Yacht Club town facility

    How to contact us?

    If you want to contact the club, the best method is to call or email one of the committee members on the list below, or just come along and meet the paddlers at one of our scheduled training sessions.

    So... you want to paddle in an outrigger canoe?

    There are a few things that you should consider before you contact us. Outrigger Canoe racing is addictive, and it is a sport played in the best playground of all, the open waters along the Queensland coast! Our club prides itself in achieving a top placing every year in the North Queensland zone championships. We achieve this through dedication and hard training. To enjoy this sport at a competitive level, you will need be a capable swimmer, love exercise and be able to commit time for training sessions and regatta's. Its not only paddling, but we do have many club social events, and do we travel! Every year members of our club compete at an International regatta. In the past 5 years our members have been to Canada, New Zealand, Hawaii, Fiji, Cook Islands, Palau, Guam, Samoa, Papua New Guinea and Saipan.

    Are you a first timer?

    If you are new to the sport, then you start by joining our novices group. Novices paddle every Monday, and we would like you there by 5.15pm, at the Cairns Yacht Club in town. (See map above). Call Andrea, on 0407244337 to register your interest, or just turn up. Just remember, it is a water sport, so dress in appropriate clothing, and be sure to bring a bottle of water! Some good news is that you are covered by Insurance even during your first novice paddles! AOCRA insurance covers all new paddlers for their first 3 sessions, but only if the participant has filled in, signed and handed to the coach, an Indemnity and Release Form before their first paddle.

    Download the Indemnity and Release form, fill it in and bring it to your first paddle... Click here to download Indemnity and Release form, pdf file size 125kb

    Training Facilities

    Our Club has fully qualified Outrigger Coaches, and assistant coaches, whom oversee training sessions. We have our race canoes and canoe trailer at the Ellis Beach facility, and in town we store our training canoes. There is also a selection of club paddles in the town facilities that can be used for training.

    Is there any age limitation?

    You are NEVER TOO OLD to paddle an outrigger, but you have to be over 12 years old. Our club competes in regatta's in variety of age divisions, in either men's, women's or mixed. Currently our club members ages range from 12 to 65. The current age divisions for competition in the NQ Regatta Zone are:

    Juniors: 12 to 19 years old.
    Open Men & Women: Of any adult age.
    Master Men & Women: Who reach 40 years during calender year of competition.
    Senior Master Men & Women: Who reach 50 years during calender year of competition.
    Golden Master Men & Woment: Who reach 60 years during calender year of competition.

    Committee Members

    CBOC committee for the 2014 season are:

    President: Tuki Brown. Mobile: 0408581742. email:
    Vice President: Grant Davis. email:
    Secretary/Registrar & Treasurer Leigh Page. email:
    Club Coach: Andrea Bowring. Mobile: 0407244337 email:
    Club Captain: Alan Hopkins. Mobile: 0408729670. email:

    Training Times

    Mon - Town - 5.15 pm - Juniors and Novices NOTE: (Call or Text Andrea on 0407244337 to confirm if Novices is on!)
    Tues - Town - 4.50 am - Men, (IMPORTANT: Text Geoff 0407002105 Monday morning to "book" a seat!)
    Tues - Town - 5.25 pm - Women
    Wed - Town - 5.25 pm - Men
    Thurs - Town - 5.25 pm - Women
    Sat - Ellis Beach - 6.00 am - Men
    Sat - Women Town at 6.30am or Ellis at 8.30am Contact Tuki to confirm.

    If the Bureau of Meteorology issue a "High Wind Warning", then training is in Town, NOT Ellis Beach.

    Life Jackets

    It is now mandatory for all OC6 and OC1 canoes to carry life jackets for all paddlers on the craft at all times. This is a Maritime Ruling and canoes may be checked by Department of Transport officers, who can issue the club an infringement notice if not adhered to. It is the responsibility of the steerer to ensure the correct number of jackets are carried in the craft at all times. All OC1 and OC6 paddlers also note that failure to have a life jacket on your craft will void your AOCRA insurance.

    We wish to acknowledge that the purchase of approved life jackets for our club was made possible through funding from the Queensland Government’s Gambling Community Benefit Fund, and the generosity of Pickers Great Outdoor Centre, Cairns, the life jacket distributor, who supplied them at cost.

    Special Thanks Gambling Community Benefit Fund!

    We wish to thank the Gambling Community Benefit Fund for their financial assistance in form of a grant for the purchase of a new canoe in 2009.

    Joining CBOC for 2014

    Membership for season 2014 is in three parts:

    1. Register on-line at:

    You will be required to pay your AOCRA registration and insurance by credit card. O nce this is done an email will be automatically generated and sent to the Club Registrar advising of your registration.

    2. Pay Your Club Fees: -

    We recommend you do this via internet banking. Deposit the required amount, (see below), directly into the CBOC account, ensuring you enter sufficient details for identification, then email a copy of the deposit receipt to Leigh Page. The account details are:

    Account Name: Cairns Beaches Outrigger Club Inc.
    Account No:22117404

    If you are not an "internet banking" person, bring cash or a cheque to a training session and give it to one of the committee.

    Seniors: $200.00
    This amount covers canoe and equipment maintenance, safety expenses, and purchase of new equipment.

    Juniors: $100.00
    This amount covers canoe maintenance, safety expenses, and purchase of new equipment, and a little left over for the committee slush fund.

    3. Membership of the Cairns Yacht Club

    Part A: Download and fill in the CAIRNS YACHT CLUB MEMBERSHIP FORM, carefully noting your payment "selection", including swipe cards etc.
    Part B: Transfer the appropriate CYC Membership amount to the CBOC account.
    Part C: Email, Fax, Post or hand deliver to Leigh Page the completed CYC membership form and proof of payment. If you paid for a swipe card you will be able to collect it from the CYC office.

    Important CBOC Forms!

    To download club information forms, click on the PDF icon.

    Indemnity and Release Form This form must be completed before paddling. Click here to download Indemnity and Release form, pdf file size 125kb
    How to Pay CBOC Membership How to renew your CBOC Membership. Click here to download the CBOC Membership Renewal Proceedures form, pdf file size 90kb
    Medical Declaration This form must be filled in before paddling. Click here to download the Medical Declaration form, pdf file size 70kb
    Cairns Yacht Club Membership form Cairns Yacht Club Membership form. Click here to download the Cairns Yacht Club Membership form, pdf file size 60kb
    CBOC Men's Training Times Mens Training Times in PDF form. Click here to download the CBOC Training Times in PDF, pdf file size 20kb

    2013 Regatta and Event Timetable

    AOCRA NQ Zone Regatta Series, (North Branch) 2014 PDf download
    Click here to download the Regatta Calendar in PDF, pdf file size 80kb

    Host Club
    8-9th March
    Outrigger Whitsunday Airlie Beach
    5-6th April
    Cap Coast, Yeppoon
    3rd May
    Cairns Beaches OC, Cairns
    1st June
    GBROC, Palm Cove to Port Douglas
    12th/15th June
    Gatorade Clash of Paddles, Hamilton Island
    19-20th July
    Townsville OCC, Townsville
    23-24th August
    SCoconuts OCC, Innisfail
    4th - 5th October
    Malanuka/Sunset Bay OCC, Mackay

    Special Thanks Maurice Blackburn Lawyers!

    Maurice Blackburn Lawyers have for another year become a valued sponsor of the Cairns Beaches Outrigger Club. The funds they provide are greatly appreciated and go towards canoe maintenance for our juniors programme.

    Special Thanks AOCRA NQ Zone!

    Cairns Beaches Women's squad would like to thank both NQ Zone AOCRA and the National body for the financial support given to attend the 2010 National Sprint Titles on the Gold Coast. The funds are greatly appreciated. Some shots of the competition winners!

    Some CBOC Action Photo's!

    Open Men competing in the Nationals at Townsville

    Master Men paddling at hamilton Island

    Master Women's beach start to a marathon

    CBOC Master women Hamilton Island

    CBOC Master women Hamilton Island

    CBOC Women

    CBOC men in a tangle at Airlie Beach

    CBOC Master women competing

    Hamilton Is 2006 2 x silver medals

    Towing 6 canoes to a regatta

    CBOC training canoes in town

    Cairns Outriggers use Xylo Bladz!

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